Wednesday, January 11, 2012

JUST under fifty.

So here I am again, surrounded by piles of clothes, beauty products and shoes galore with only TWO suitcases to contain my semester's wardrobe. Memories of panic attacks and atrocious airport fines begin to seep into my excitement for my New York City move as I recall the $500 spent on my journey to Madrid, Spain a little over a year ago due to my overweight baggage.
In 2012, baggage isn't really my thing, so I'm trying to go light. With the help of a luggage scale I nailed it at 49.7 and 48.9 lbs. Let's hope the airport scales agree as I try to keep it under the 50 lb max without a fine...

I am moving to Queens, New York tomorrow where I will be spending the spring interning on Park Avenue in the city with Alison Brod Public Relations. They are a fashion, beauty and lifestyle PR firm with a strong liking of the color pink. Aliza Bogner, the company's vice president offered me an internship position this fall, and after accepting I laid to rest my efforts at other potential internship positions at Madison Square Gardens, 5W Public Relations, CBS Publicity, Sax Fifth Avenue and more. After discovering and learning about the company myself through research, it was my number one choice. The pink candy dishes on each desk sold me.

I will intern Monday through Thursday each week, and will be taking night classes with a Baylor professor who began the study program about nine years ago, specifically for Journalism, Communications, and Film majors. Nineteen other students are living in my same apartment complex and have various internships ranging from the David Letterman show, to Madison Square Gardens, to Late Night with Jimmy Falon, to local news stations...and more. Baylor has made a good reputation around the city--let's pray we keep it!

Leaving all I know and moving to a big city isn't a new experience, however this semester will be QUITE different from living in Spain like I did in fall 2010. I am going to the city to perform, whereas in Europe I was going for travel, culture, to play. While there will be all of those components still, this internship could open doors, job opportunities, and teach me more about what it is I will be doing after my graduation date this May.

I am nervous, anxious, excited, terrified, confident. I know who I am, I know what I can do. But I don't know New York City... yet.

My mom and I are leaving tomorrow morning to start this adventure together (THANK THE LORD!) I am so happy she'll be by my side as I become acclimated to people running into me and not apologizing.

I am SO looking forward to getting beauty samples (fingers crossed!), tougher skin and another INCREDIBLE experience.
Stay tuned :)

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