Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chiseled performances.

Come on. They KNOW they're gorgeous (Levi's Show)
Lights, camera, male models. What's up Levi's fashion show backstage. My second fashion show this week was for Levi's, and ABPR's client Stila produced makeup for the event. Chiseled is a good description. (Minus picture to right) For the models, and for the gay makeup artists as well (who I kind of gravitate to-and they gravitate towards me?). At the show today, I was told I could come until I "get in the way." (Hashtag internlife) Which is how I felt most of the time while I was standing there un-introduced. The two gals from the office and I went to the show to check in media backstage and make sure they get their interviews with Stila's celeb stylist, Sarah Lucero about makeup products. Oh my gosh, Sarah is the most vibrant woman, very friendly, always smiling. I liked her. She even introduced herself to little ole' me, the intern. Media would walk up, and the account exec from abpr would introduce herself and the other girl, and then a small glance would be made in my direction before moving on. Nice.

I chatted up this one gal who writes for Her Campus, a website dedicated to the college woman. I told her that I have just moved here and am an intern for abpr.
The lumberjack and the feminist. Male models.

"Oh, that's why they didn't introduce you," she jokes.
"I'm just waiting for my debut."

She was a gem -- said she'd put in good word for me, and gave me a pat on the back. I feel like I deserved that. I started chatting up people, but sometimes was tentative to. Hi I have no clue about fashion, but let me try to be charming in my naivete. Regardless, I found the !E team and introduced myself to Jenna, a girl I had also seen at the Alice+Olivia show but didn't have a chance to chat with. I think they were live blogging about backstage. There were no cameras following them. Jenna is very chic, and always wears a trendy hat. I need a statement look. I need a bigger bank account. (looking up sadly at my mac n cheese cupboard...)

Gosh the male models were attractive.
"Hey can I get a picture for our beauty client Stila?" One point for Jessica...

I didn't get a shot of my favorite, an Usher lookalike chatting up the hot foreign models (girls). I know how to pick em. Prob one of the only straight men there.

Alice+Olivia was the other show I went to this week. I was much needed to give a pen to the gal I went with out of my purse. It was my favorite leopard one. She never gave it back...

Sarah Lucero
While I was at Alice+Olivia I met Dustin, a hairstylist walking around with a camera following him (Sarah Lucero's husband was the camera man, and she was doing Stila makeup at this show as well). Dustin said he guessed I was 22, he could smell it (sniffs all of the air around me as I mentally take note I forgot to wear perfume. awesome.) We chat about life, and I say one of my thoughts was broadcasting, I'm just waiting for my moment.
"It's now girllll." Shoves microphone in my direction.
"Hi this is Jessica Foreman, reporting from Alice+Olivia. Currently I'm wearing Stila makeup like the rest of the models with a convertible color blush in coral...blah blah blah."
He was pretty funny.

Thought she owned the show. It worked for her (Alice+Olivia)

The dresses at Alice+Olivia were AWESOME!! Sequins galore, gorgeous, gorgeous gowns. My pick was a sequined corset dress that blossomed into a puffy ballerina skirt. The models looked fierce in dark, dark lips and liner, and even more fierce when posing. Made me want to be in front of a camera....which happened after I left the show. A woman with a camera stopped me on the street when I was leaving and asked to take my picture for street fashion during fashion week for a fashion website. Did she know I was wearing a fake leather jacket and a tunic from Ross? No, because I posed like I wasn't...hello fierce.

I started reading The Hunger Games, basically because I was looking for another Harry Potter kind of obsession and I need something else to do on the Subway besides look at people. They don't like that, and eye contact is usually awkward if the person doesn't get off at the next stop.

Not always though--this one guy had to have terets which was accompanied by a walking cane that he enjoyed banging on the ground while chanting dah dun dun dun. Better than the F word I guess... Anyways, looking up I met the other guy's eyes across the subway car we shared a "oh, we live in New York" chuckle.

Madison Square Park
Today I told the Staples worker I was the best intern ever as I made a smart decision to not only get more bubble wrap than expected but to save ten dollars. Feeling on cloud nine for my 7 block walk back through Madison Square Park I started getting my sexy city strut walk on. Remembering you can't be sexy with 175 feet of bubble wrap (after I watched Mr. Suit's man's eyes go from mine to my extra large bag over my shoulder), I toned it down and just took in the sun setting on the park, which I've grown very fond of. It has a clock tower that looms over, and large trees surrounding some sort of fountain that I'm sure has water in it during warmer months. I really do love all of the parks NYC has to offer. Gorgeous escape havens from architecture. Makes everyone remember that is this thing called nature out there. And space.

Valentine's Day was yesterday. Uzbekistan apparently banned the holiday and decided to focus on the Moghul emperor Babur's birthday. The country decided they're not a fan of western ideals. I was tempted to spend the day there, short flight. Instead I wore red lipstick, red high heels, and got a chocolate cream filled heart donut in the morning. The chocolate kept on coming all day; I call it loving myself. I even smiled at all of the men carrying bouquets to their significant others.
"Ohhhh that's a good one." Audible judgement on the street. He was probably taken by surprise as he did shoot a glance my way. I began to rate them throughout the day. Threw out a few 8 and 9s even.
The Empire State building was pink and red. It was beautiful.
Qdoba had buy one get one free entrees if hungry people "share a kiss with a significant other, friend, family member or even an understanding stranger at the cash register." Thank goodness I took my roommate Audrey with me. We had already been sharing the same lipstick all day. Don't think kissing an innocent stranger is beneath me when free food is on the line. (*see above mac n cheese reference)

Rumor has it one of the interns from Baylor got our group tickets to the Nicks game this Sunday playing the Dallas Mavs. I'm hoping the gal at David Letterman can pull some strings too eventually? (Shout out Logan!!)

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  1. Wow, great pics! Great opportunity to be a part of fashion week...